Home Teeth Whitening Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

Home Teeth Whitening Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

Feb 01, 2021

Tooth discoloration or staining can be rooted in various reasons, from the food we eat to existing medical conditions and our lifestyles. The good news is that they are generally treatable.

2 Types of Teeth Staining

1. Extrinsic Discoloration
Extrinsic staining takes place on the exterior layer of the teeth, also referred to as the enamel. Tooth surfaces can be stained by food and drink that contain natural dyes, acids, or tannins.

Some of the causes of extrinsic discoloration include red wine, red sauces, berries, tea, coffee, chocolates, etc.

2. Intrinsic Discoloration
This category refers to a medium-to-high degree of staining because they point towards the tooth’s “interior.” Intrinsic discoloration can appear yellow, grey, brown, or black.

Some of the causes of intrinsic discoloration include aging, genetics, severe tooth decay, tooth injury, medication, etc.

Home Tooth Whitening

1. May Take Several Weeks to See Results
At-home teeth whitening products will work to a certain degree as long as the stains on teeth are surface-level and newly acquired. However, it may take you several weeks before you see any results.

For patients who have severe teeth discoloration, they may end up spending more on at-home teeth whitening products to get their desired results than they would have for professional teeth whitening.

2. High Tooth Sensitivity
Another factor you should consider is that home teeth whiteners frequently have strong chemical compounds that may bring about teeth sensitivity.

Over-the-counter whiteners do not come with a customized treatment plan. To add to this, they are typically advertised as being able to produce speedy results without any warning of the possible side-effects that could occur with incorrect usage.

Thus, patients utilize these products without knowledge of how much is ideal for their unique situation or if the ingredients are safe for repeated use.

3. No Dental Follow-Up and Monitoring
Since store-bought whiteners are accessible without a prescription, no dental professionals are monitoring your teeth whitening progress.

Without a dental professional overseeing the teeth whitening process, patients have no means of telling how their teeth react to the product. Enamel weakening and sensitivity will merely be noticed when discomforts arise.

Professional Teeth Whitening

1. Professional Dental Diagnosis
Our Claremont dentist can recommend the best teeth whitening treatments according to your dental health diagnosis. Your treatment will be customized based on your specific dental condition so that you achieve the best results.

Our dentist can also check and resolve any underlying dental issues found within the teeth and along the gumline. Alternative teeth whitening options may be recommended for teeth staining related to serious medical conditions, aging, etc.

2. Treatment Personalization
After a diagnosis has been made, you will receive your personalized teeth whitening treatment. The treatment duration and level of whitening agent used will produce effective whitening results.

Furthermore, treatment personalization allows our dentist to immediately adjust the plan should negative side effects emerge. As with all teeth whitening methods, teeth sensitivity can occur. But unlike with store-bought teeth whitening products, your personalized whitening procedure can be modified to minimize sensitivity.

3. Safer Teeth Whitening
Professional teeth whitening is safer than its over-the-counter alternative because a licensed dental practitioner will administer it. You can rest assured that our dentist is highly experienced and will properly guide you through the whitening process. In addition, patients will be instructed on how to care for their teeth after every whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening is not a one-time operation. It is a continuous dental intervention that should be coupled with proper maintenance. Why? For most patients, food and drinks containing acids and tannins are impossible to avoid completely. Therefore, if you are serious about keeping your teeth white, the safest approach is professional teeth whitening.

To schedule a consultation for teeth whitening, contact Claremont Dental Group today. We can help you achieve a significantly brighter smile.

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