General Dentistry in Claremont, NH

When was the last time you went for a dental exam? Claremont Dental Group offers a comprehensive range of personalized general dentistry services.

So if you’re looking for preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dental care, all you need to do is contact our office in Claremont for an appointment. Our dental team is trained to handle patients of all ages, and we welcome every new member of your family.

A little precaution and timely action help bring dental problems to light. Regular exams, for example, can help us identify issues that require treatment or care. Prompt dental treatment minimizes the chance of the problem looming into a complex one at a later stage.

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that you and your loved ones should go for twice-yearly dental exams. Patients who are at higher risk of cavities or gum disease may need to visit the dentist more often.

Visit Claremont Dental Group for a Wide Range of Preventive Dental Care Options

Our range of extensive general dentistry services include:

Regular dental exams: During a regular dental exam, the dentist will make a detailed evaluation of your oral cavity and take x-rays to get clearer images of your teeth and gums. If he or she identifies any problems, they will suggest further course of treatment.

Our clinic uses the latest dental technology, and our staff is trained to provide the best dental care to every patient. Regular exams can bring to light cavities, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth, damaged teeth, worn enamel, gum disease, and more.

Professional Cleaning: Professional teeth cleaning helps eliminate plaque and reduces the risks of developing cavities. If you require deep cleaning, our hygienists may use mild sedation like a topical numbing gel to minimize sensitivity and discomfort.

Other general dentistry services include cavity treatment, periodontal checkups, and therapy, restorations like crowns, bridges, and fillings, as well as extractions, and smile makeovers.

It’s best not to wait for a painful problem to occur: Make it a point to call or email Claremont Dental Group in Claremont and book your appointment today.

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