Digital X-Rays in Claremont, NH

Finding a high-quality dentist in Claremont, NH does not need to be hard. If you are looking for a modern office that uses the latest technology, look no further than Claremont Dental Group. We provide comprehensive preventive care to all of our patients in Claremont, NH.

Digital X-Rays

Not every dental office uses digital x-rays, but Claremont Dental Group strives to offer some of the most technologically advanced treatments around. By taking x-rays, our staff is able to give you higher quality treatment and also rule out some potential causes of pain or discomfort in your mouth.

Digital x-rays utilize an electric sensor to take rapid images of your mouth, jaws, and the bones underneath. The entire process takes less than a minute and exposes you to a fraction of the radiation of more traditional methods.

We are able to upload the information into our computer system and model treatments and procedures. When x-rays are taken digitally, we are able to enhance the images and rotate or zoom in on problem areas, helping our staff see issues that would otherwise be hidden.

The Process

As we mentioned earlier, the process of taking digital x-rays takes less than a minute. One of our office staff members will lead you to the x-ray room, where you will be asked to bite down on a sanitized plastic mold. The mold holds your jaws in place to accurately depict your natural bite.

Once you have bitten down, our staff moves the electric sensor so it can see both sides of your mouth. The x-rays are then taken with our staff occasionally moving the sensor to get a full image of your mouth.

The Benefits

The greatest benefit of using digital x-rays is how they improve preventive dentistry. The images depict more areas of the mouth than traditional x-rays and provide a clearer picture of your teeth and the bone underneath your gums. We are, therefore, able to provide better diagnostic treatment to keep you healthy.

Another benefit is the reduced amount of radiation used during the process. Digital x-rays use 90 percent less radiation than basic radiography – hardly more than basic background radiation.

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