Implant-Supported Bridges in Claremont, NH

An implant-supported bridge can provide a comfortable, natural-looking option for those missing two or more consecutive teeth. Dental implants are the greatest method for restoring lost teeth since they immediately replace tooth roots and safeguard your jaw from atrophy. At Claremont Dental Group, our dentist can place and repair tooth-supported bridges in Claremont, NH.

What Is an Implant-Supported Bridge?

Traditional bridges are extremely similar to implant-supported bridges. However, implant-supported bridges are supported by tiny titanium posts inserted in the jaw rather than dental crowns put over neighboring teeth. The size of the bridge will determine the number of posts required.

Implant-Supported Bridges vs. Traditional Bridges

You should have implant surgery before receiving an implant-supported restoration. This usually necessitates two treatments followed by a four- to six-month recovery period.

An implant-supported dental bridge in Claremont, NH, has numerous benefits over typical repair alternatives. However, it requires a larger time and financial investment.

Traditional bridges require teeth on either side of the gap in your mouth to be changed to fit the crown. Because implant-supported restorations are not supported by teeth, they do not involve the removal of healthy tissue. They’re also quite sturdy, so you can rely on them to stay put as you chew, talk, or smile.

Additionally, implants are the only tooth replacement treatment that prevents atrophy of the jawbone. From root to crown, an implant-supported restoration restores your complete tooth. The implant tells your body to provide nutrients to that area of the jaw by replacing tooth roots.

The body will begin to redistribute jawbone tissue elsewhere if tooth roots are not present. Implant posts can last forever if properly cared for, allowing for long-term dental health.

Let Us Help

If you’ve lost several teeth, an implant-supported bridge might be the answer. Visit our office in person or make an appointment online or by phone to determine whether you are a candidate for this oral health treatment. Claremont Dental Group is happy to help new and existing patients get a beautiful smile they can proudly show off.

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