Partials and Dentures in Claremont, NH

Looking for safe and effective restorations for lost or missing teeth? Claremont Dental Group offers high quality and personalized partials and full dentures near you. If you want to consider additional restorations, we also offer a comprehensive range of crowns, bridges, and implants.

Negative Effects of Missing or Lost Teeth

Dealing with lost teeth on a day-to-day basis can be frustrating and embarrassing. Tooth loss affects your smile in a number of ways, including reduced aesthetics and impacted functionalities. A missing tooth or teeth can spoil your smile and interfere with chewing and speaking as well. Once a tooth is lost, the socket starts to fill with bone and the gum tissue changes shape as the site heals naturally.

Older people may be especially affected when they find themselves unable to chew properly. Swallowing larger pieces of food without proper chewing may lead to digestion problems later. Properly fitted partials and dentures in Claremont, NH can help restore your facial structure and prevent sagging of your jaw.

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How Partials and Dentures Compare with Implants

There are other alternatives to partials and dentures, such as implants. In addition, dental implants involve surgical intervention before crowns can be placed.

Partials and dentures have been used for decades and are a tried and tested solution for missing teeth. They are made from a special, colored plastic base, specifically fabricated to replicate gum tissue. Partials are held in place with a metal framework and are often made of a material known as ‘Valplast.’ This is a type of plastic that offers higher levels of durability and flexibility.

The dentist in Claremont, NH, will take a series of measurements or molds before the final denture is sent for fabrication to a lab. Give us a call to schedule a consultation today. Dr. Min Simmons can help you restore your smile with partials and dentures.

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