Appliance Therapy in Claremont, NH

When it comes to choosing oral appliances, you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Poorly-crafted, ill-fitting oral appliances only serve to deter individuals from wearing them. For ultimate comfort and best protection, we welcome you to experience excellent appliance therapy in Claremont, NH, by choosing Claremont Dental Group.

We’re a leading, well-established dental practice with many years of experience in serving residents of Claremont, NH, and beyond. Our custom oral appliances are delicately crafted to offer superior protection for many years.

Sports Guards

Sports guards, sometimes known as mouth protectors or mouthguards, are oral devices that fit over the teeth and gums. They protect oral cavity tissues against impact or traumatic injuries. Sports guards are essential for all athletes—professional and amateurs alike—engaging in sports that involve falling, flying equipment, or body contact.

Without a sports guard, you’re at a higher risk of suffering knocked-out or avulsed teeth, cuts, and bruises to your gum tissues and other complex dental injuries.

Over-the-counter sports guards may offer some form of protection, but it pales in comparison to the exceptional comfort and support provided by our custom sports guards. During your appointment, our dentist near you will also assess your oral health and recommend any necessary treatment procedures.

Night Guards

Night-time bruxism, or night-time tooth grinding, is a common problem that affects millions of adults across the US. Bruxism may be triggered by stress and anxiety, as well as severely misaligned teeth and sleep apnea. Unaddressed bruxism may result in long-term dental health complications, including severely worn teeth and temporomandibular jaw disorders (TMD).

If you’re struggling with bruxism, a night guard can help. A night guard, or a night mouthguard, is a special type of mouthguard that is worn over the teeth at night. It works by creating a soft yet firm barrier between the upper and lower teeth, thus preventing clenching.

Our oral appliances are carefully crafted from the best quality materials. We prioritize your comfort, well-being, and protection above everything. We serve patients of all ages, from middle school athletes who need sports guards to seniors struggling with bruxism.

Contact Claremont Dental Group to experience exceptional appliance near you.

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