Couldn’t be happier. I was in extreme pain and hadn’t been to a dentist in years. Needless to say my teeth were in rough shape and I was terrified. They were able to determine the cause quickly, were non-judgmental and continuously checked in on my mental well being during the extraction. My worst scenario played out and the entire staff put me at ease all while fixing the issue. I’ll be going back to get work done that I have been putting off for years.

Sarah Callander

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Min Simmons has got out of her way more than one time to help me and make sure that I get the best possible treatment. I’m extremely thankful for the help and amazing service.


I showed up a day early (!!!) and took the time to fill out the new patient forms since I’d blocked out the time. It had been about 5 years since I’d been to a dentist. They were very gracious and found time to do a preliminary exam and provided feedback. I’m still going in tomorrow for cleaning. They also managed to fit me later in the day to start addressing some of my overdue work. Very nice, pleasant office, staff and Dr Simmons. Highly recommend checking them out.

Bruce Downing

Great experience. The staff was friendly and highly competent. I didn’t have to wait to see the hygienist or the dentist so the appointment was very time efficient. Overall one of the better dentist appointments I’ve ever had. Very glad I switched my care to this practice

Carolina Stetson

They were so nice! They made sure I’d let them know if I was feeling any discomfort or pain. They were so generous complimenting me on being a good patient 😊. I’ll admit though, that after the first jab of novacain, I felt NO pain at all, so laying back in the chair was pretty easy lol. I’d definitely recommend them!

Karen Blodgett

Great staff! Very friendly. Dr. Simmons was very mindful of my comfort during an extraction. They were also able to get me in very quickly as a first time patient to address a cracked molar. Highly recommended!

Mike Jergens
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