How Can Dentures Improve Your Quality of Life?

How Can Dentures Improve Your Quality of Life?

Jan 11, 2022

Most adults are missing one or more of their natural teeth. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with the side effects that come along with missing teeth. These could include jawbone deterioration, facial sagging, premature aging, crookedness, poor dental hygiene, impaired oral function. Missing teeth can also affect your appearance and self-confidence, which can significantly have an impact on the quality of your life.

Thankfully, dentures offer you a great way to replace severely damaged or lost teeth. A denture is a dental appliance containing artificial teeth to replace lost teeth. Dentures support the oral cavity surrounding hard and soft tissues. To get a denture, you must have healthy gums and jawbone to hold the denture effectively.

Please note that not everyone is an ideal patient for dentures. Therefore, if you’re considering dentures, you should visit a dentist near you for an exam. The dentist will evaluate your oral condition to determine whether you are a good candidate for dentures. If not, you can consider alternative treatments such as crowns, bridges, and implants.

Different Types of Dentures

Based on your needs and dental condition, your dentist can recommend any of these types of dentures:

  • Complete dentures

These dentures are ideal for individuals who’ve lost all their natural teeth. They are jawbone and gums support them. Complete dentures are removable and placed within 8-12 weeks after tooth extraction.

  • Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be fixed or removable. Fixed partial dentures are also called dental bridges. Partial dentures are ideal if you’ve lost one or a few of your natural teeth, either in the upper or lower jaw. These dentures are held by a metal framework or supported by dental crowns or implants. Thanks to the removable nature of removable partial dentures, you can remove them whenever you need to.

  • Immediate dentures

If you haven’t yet extracted the teeth you’re looking to replace, you could be a good candidate for immediate dentures. The dentist fixes these dentures the same day they remove your tooth. A healthy jawbone and gums are the primary requirements for these dentures.

  • Custom dentures

Custom dentures fit your smile. They are made up of more expensive artificial teeth, making them appealing to suit your cosmetic needs.

  • Snap-on dentures

These dentures are also called overdentures or implant-supported dentures. Your dentist may recommend these if you don’t have healthy supportive tissues. A dental implant holds the denture in position. Compared to other dentures, snap-on dentures provide tremendous amounts of stability and strength. They also offer more natural and aesthetically appealing results. It’s also worth noting that these dentures are removable on either jaw, based on the patient’s needs.

  • Upper dentures

As the name suggests, upper dentures are simply dentures that replace missing teeth on the upper jaw.

  • Economy dentures

If you can’t afford customized dentures from your dentist, economy dentures might be a solution. Economy dentures are generic, meaning that they fit every person. It may be challenging to find a denture that fits comfortably and perfectly. They also look less natural and aren’t as aesthetically appealing as custom-made dentures.

Benefits of using dentures

If you’re looking for reasons to consider denture treatment to replace missing teeth, here are a few:

  • Dentures restore your bite function, making chewing and eating easier.
  • Dentures improve your oral health. Absent teeth can increase your risk of developing dental issues.
  • Dentures improve your speech abilities.
  • Dentures have a tooth-colored shade, providing natural results.
  • Dentures restore your self-confidence and esteem.
  • Dentures maintain the health of the rest of your teeth. Replacing missing teeth prevents the rest of your teeth from shifting out of position.
  • Dentures maintain and improve your facial muscles. They prevent facial sagging, premature aging, and wrinkles.
  • Dentures are custom-made, meaning that they are comfortable and fit perfectly.
  • Some dentures are removable, meaning you can remove them at your convenience.

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