Exploring the Eruption of Teeth

Exploring the Eruption of Teeth

Sep 01, 2020

It’s common to associate tooth eruption with childhood and early adolescence. However, there’s more to learn about an erupted tooth’s progression into adulthood. Let’s first take a look at what plays a role in the healthy eruption of teeth.

It’s a Normal Process of Development

If you’ve ever wondered what the timetable for normal eruption of teeth is for children, there are many charts available online. In general, for every six months of life, approximately four teeth will emerge. Three other interesting facts include:

  • Female babies will generally experience the eruption of their teeth quicker than male babies
  • Lower teeth typically erupt before upper teeth
  • Emerging teeth help to give the developing face its shape and structure

When all teeth erupt, they should total 20 primary teeth and later total 32 permanent teeth. There are a few conditions that can factor into the successful eruption of teeth, but with the process managed by a general dentist that also treats children’s dental issues, these concerns can quickly be addressed.

The Wisdom of Wisdom Teeth

Even though the removal of wisdom teeth is a fairly standard procedure, did you know that these third molars once played a critical role in our ability to masticate (chew) food? Fully erupted wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to appear, usually when a patient is between 17 and 21 years old. When they erupt, patients may experience minor discomfort similar to that felt when other teeth emerged. However, partially erupted teeth, known as impacted wisdom teeth, can present a different story.

Because a portion of the partially erupted tooth stays beneath the gingival tissue, it can cause complications such as nerve damage, chronic pain, gum disease, and more. However, suppose you’re an adult, and you are not experiencing any problems with your wisdom teeth. In that case, your dentist may recommend that measures be taken to preserve your oral health without extraction, such as using the right toothbrush to clean the third molars, using an irrigator, and rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic wash after brushing and flowing.

During your regular visits to our dentist in Claremont, NH, Dr. Min Simmons will monitor your teeth, including your wisdom teeth, to ensure that they are not at risk for infection. This protocol is a part of the preventive dentistry care provided at Claremont Dental Group, including oral cancer screenings. Our dentist can also coordinate the surgical protocol required for removing erupted wisdom teeth and provide emergency dentistry for an unerupted tooth.

When Eruption Goes Wrong

In a perfect scenario, your teeth will emerge from the jawbone without incident. However, since your jaw is continually adapting to changes as teeth move from their position or are lost, a condition known as super eruption can occur.

A few things that patients will notice at home that indicate the presence of super eruption include:

  • One or more of your teeth is sticking out more than it used to
  • Food and debris are getting caught between teeth more than in the past
  • The unusual wear pattern on your teeth or a change in your bite
  • Jaw pain, headaches, or early symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)

Some of these symptoms can also indicate other dental concerns such as bone loss or teeth grinding, so it’s crucial to check with your dentist at the first sign of any change in your oral health.

A super eruption can also impact the root of the affected tooth, leading to procedures such as a root canal or an extraction becoming necessary. Also, if you’ve lost a tooth and have not had it replaced by either a dental implant, a dental bridge, or a partial denture, a super eruption could lead to even more tooth loss.

Rather than worrying about these possibilities, your best defense is to adhere to a twice a year professional cleaning and exam for preventive dentistry and make a plan to replace your missing tooth.

When choosing a dentist near you for these therapies, it’s vital that they provide comprehensive care using modern dentistry and advanced technology so you’ll receive top-tier treatment for removing erupted wisdom teeth, advice on management for a partially erupted tooth, and treatment for super erupted teeth.

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